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Grigorian Design Group, LTD (GDG) is founded by Mr. George Grigorian, an American architect and interior designer in New York in 1990. It is a creative architecture and interior design company in the field of modern and historical architecture design. The designers are always trying to realize the harmony of architecture, environment and technology, and to create distinctive architectures. Our design solutions are a unique expression of a client’s hopes and dreams within the context of specific program requirements and budget.

Our diverse roster of projects throughout the whole world reflects GDG’s range of expertise in residential, commercial, corporate and hospitality/hotel design. The staff at GDG offers a team of talented design professionals, confident in its capability of guiding a client from initial concept to completed project. From the outset, the client is welcomed into the design process.

Having the determination to enter the Chinese market is because the challenge of culture difference enormously attracting me. In these years, my achievement came from my group not only myself, an individual. From them I have learned a lot of Chinese traditional culture and thus I blend the modern eastern taste in my design. For example many Chinese owners like Art Deco, pay attention to the detailing and prefer the bright light. Compared with other Europeans I can understand oriental culture more easily because of my working experience in the Middle East.

Working attitude is the most important. I devoted myself to designing. Working for a project is just like taking care of a baby and bringing him up. In Shanghai the life after working is still working. The client is God. Every client is very important no matter the project is big or small. Designer is not a businessman; he should join process step by step on his own. Design needs to be operated systematically.

Modern style is boundless and you can create any new things; while classical style has more restriction and is difficult to be artless. The local designers are capable and have good ideas, but refer to the European classical designs, they are lack of culture background. It is just like asking me to make a traditional house of Chinese style, I can’t do that.

I have no works which I hundred percent satisfy. Subjectively I have a high standard for myself. Objectively design has too many restrictions such as materials, budget and work. If the client can respect the designer very well and two parties can reach common understanding for the quality, such cooperation will make me develop my design idea well. For example the renovation of Xijiao Guest House, it is a really happy experience.

Meeting the captious customer, I try my best to meet his request and regard it as a challenge. However I also try to explain relative knowledge and hope to solve conflicts through communication.

Certainly the budget is very important, it will influence the quality. Design is a kind of complicated work involves every aspect. The unconstrained ideas can be shown on the drawing, but if you want to realize in real life, it must be restricted by the budget. I will make the design as good as possible within the limited budget of the customer. This is a sign for a mature designer. No book can tell you these; it only depends on the experience that accumulates over a long period. I come over in this way.

As for “success”, I think it is sort of successful to survive till now in the field of design and have client constantly. Therefore, I am very happy that I have an opportunity to do the interesting projects, meet the interesting owners and lead a very good group. All these make me proud. If there is an afterlife, I still hope to become an architect and interior designer and I wish this dream can be realized.

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