Xijiao State Guest Hotel

Over 10000 m2

Type Architecture & Interior Design

Donghu Group


The renovation of Xijiao Guest House Building 7 started from North Building 7 in September 2000 and ended in May 2003. It took two years and a half in all. The total floor area of North and South building 7 is 19000 square meters. The traditional Chinese landscape architecture style, compact layout, precise structure, orderly axes and the whole building exhibits the charm of magnificent vigour through traditional terraced two-slope roof, big room ridge. The ornament elements used in the facade of North Building 7 has been continued in the design of South Building 7, such as arch, swag, and decorative openwork window. The combination of grey tile, ceramic tile and white paint for external wall.
In Building 7 there are 180 sets of administrative guest rooms and one story of president suite together with other affiliated facilities such as Chinese and Western restaurants, multi-functional hall, bar, meeting room etc. Every guest room has extremely good view because of the beautiful landscape and water of Xijiao Guest House.
In the interior design of Building 7, sandstone, copper and Macoria wood are used as main interior decoration materials. The style of modern Western-style ornament for interior decoration and furthermore the designer also introduced the traditional Chinese culture symbols, in this way the whole building gives an impression of magnificence and grand.