Forest Manor

100000 m2 Apartment

Planning Architecture Landscape Design

Forest Manor Real Estate(Group) Co.,Ltd.

2005 - Now Shanghai

The master plan illustrates the commercial land area as 16,700 m2 , adjacent to Jinfeng Rd. The commercial area has been designed to the south side of Jinfeng Rd. to make it a suitable location for the building's purpose. The hotel and commercial components will be located conveniently and distinctly from the residential property to avoid any disruption between the dual purposes for this project. The kindergarten has been designed for the east side because its function is to accommodate the entire community. The architectural planning incorporates the use of simple lines, adjusting the architecture for each unit to fit perfectly. Forest Manor enables the enjoyment of the water from all locations with a balanced character given the combination of natural landscape and man-made landscape design, coupled with the central water feature running through the entire community. Additionally, the curvilinear style of architectures provides protection from the noisy city life, contributing to a relaxed body and mind in natural surroundings. 
The architectural style of Forest Manor Phase IV is Spanish Albanian: an Asian style mixed with Moorish European style, embracing Romantic Mediterranean inspiration. Details of this beautiful and luxurious style can be seen in the elaborate ironwork, balconies, Spanish tiles, columns, elegant arched doorways, landscape and gardens. The history, culture, and the popular outdoor living style of Spanish Moorish architecture is fully expressed in this project.