Emperor Zillah

22 Luxury Stately Villa

Architecture and Interior Design

Shanghai Huazhou Real Estate Co'Ltd

2006 - 2009 Shanghai

With its european classical style, Sanqiao Villa reveals, in all respects, its glory years in history to us. Cultural ambience preserved embodies the modern residence concept of "fashion and practicability". 
Chateauesque, representing the French Crown, is the symbol of this group of designs, which can show us the designer's pursuit of high-quality life, both from the weight and the detailing. This style, with the typical feature of combining early Gothic and Renaissance decoration techniques together, can be dated back to the 16th century France, fully reflecting the grandeur and luxury of the French Crown by the gilded decoration and carve patterns. As to the overall layout, it features by the adherence of classical symmetry and the emphasis of residence comfortability, which can provide the resident living in a old castle with the cozy and agreeable feeling. 
Besides the Franch Imperial life concept, the perfect performs of Pola Dior style in the Renaissance period of Italy, early classical revival style originating from the ancient Rome, Georgian and Adam style exerting a century-influence upon UK , typical style of UK Tudor dynasty, classical mediterranean style and Beaux-Arts of the ornamentalism are vivid enough to make us leapt through time and stay forever in the age of success and wealth. 
What the designer intends to convey is that people can possess the life quality and status symobl matching with the constant upgrading material level they already have. Thus, this group of designs should follow the original beauty of each style while consider the modern aesthetic demands at the same time so as to reach the beauty balance and provide people with the opportunity of reproducing the classical beauty.