1500 m2

Villa Interior Design

The Wharf(holding)Limited


The core value of the European-royal brand Wharf is to implement an international system aiming to thrive for excellence and perfection to ensure the highest quality and standard is achieved in residential living.
Targeting wealthy families and affluent businessmen, the objective is to give their clientele a taste of the aristocratic life.
The Wharf Ambassador villa interior design style inherits the characteristic of the Italian classical form. The layout conforms to the principles of classicism where balance, proportion and aesthetics are present. The utter luxury crafted into every corner of the space, the exquisite architectural details, the symmetry and form are all reminiscent of the Italian style. The space defines refinement and timeless elegance in its truest form. It combines history and culture with a taste for 21st century sophistication.
An air of enchanting nostalgia is achieved with the use of elegant European furnishings, shimmering chandeliers and antique-inspired accessories. The interplay of colors, textures and ambient lighting provide a picture perfect setting that speaks volume of class and luxury.