43.7 Hectares

Planning Architecture and Interior Design

Suning Universal Group

2009-2011 Shanghai

The site is located in the south west corner of the Changfeng Ecological Business Area in the Puto District of Shanghai. The land area is 40,000sqm.
The site is being developed as a financial center, offering tenants first class office space. The site will also accommodate a small hotel as well as a mix of commercial and entertainment space. There will be a total of 14 buildings, the lowest being five stories high and the tallest 14 stories high. The site is bordered on three side with busy streets and on the fourth side the west the Mu Duo Creek. The main entrance is at the center of the site of the East side on Danba Road.
The entrance is a strong linear approach that leads you into the site with open views to the creek. Two 9 story high buildings at either side of the entrance act like gates, adding a sense of grandeur and symmetry. The taller and larger buildings border Danba Road. The lower and smaller buildings are set along the border of Mu Duo Creek. Placing the smaller buildings along the border allows each building better views to the water and surrounding landscape.
The buildings are designed in the classical style. The classical language of architecture is fully expressed through the use of the different classical orders. The different building plans, mouldings and details, all work together to establish an overall cohesive classical arrangement of buildings integrated into a classically inspired landscape.